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Suction Unit factory
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Posted: 3/4/2018 9:08:26 PM

Dental suction unit
The scope of products: vacuum for dental treatment and surgery suction, vacuum suction device for dental treatment equipment suction source.
Product description:
This model is suitable for five oral comprehensive treatment units, three units can working at the same time
1. Perfect treatment environment
2. Easy and user-friendly mode of operation, the doctor''s job will not be interrupted by the patient''s swallowing reaction;
Suction spray at a flow rate of 250 l / min to provide strong protection against infection;
The device has maintenance-free and almost silent performance
Requirements, non-contact turbine blades moment to create the necessary degree of vacuum and flow. Impeller by resistance
Corrosion of special synthetic materials, more moisture and moisture from the impact. Reliable electric motor
Make sure to keep working.
Power: 220V / 50Hz ,, 110V / 60Hz
Power: 0.39kw;
Maximum liquid flow: 16L / min;
The maximum degree of vacuum: 12-Kpa
Air flow: 1500L / min;
Noise: 45dB (A);
Net weight: 31 kg
Gross weight: 39 kg
Volume: 53X46X68 (Cm)Suction Unit factory

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