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China log burner
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Posted: 1/1/2018 9:41:12 PM

HENAN LIFENG MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD, Located in Zhengzhou, China, specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality cast iron stove (wood burning stove, solid fuel stove, multi-fuel stove) and accessories.
Over the years, HENAN LIFENG MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD thinks much of continuous innovation, strictly control in respect of design, R&D and manufacturing, and has become widely known for the professional and quick response in confirming the market. If you require high standards and demand the best - you are likely to choose L&F.
? Our Main Fireplace Products
? Wood burning stove, Pellet stove
? Cast iron stove, Steel stove
? Insert wood stove,Insert cast iron stove,Insert steel stove
? Freestanding stove,Freestanding wood stove,Freestanding steel stove
? Enamel wood stove,Painted wood stove, Painted steel stove
? Stove with boiler,Wood stove with boiler, Steel stove with boiler
? Wood fireplace,Wood room heater,Classical wood stove,Heating stove
? Mid-size wood stove,Small wood stove
? Cream wood stove, Cream steel stove,Black wood stove, Black steel stove,Brown wood stove, Brown steel stove
? Customized color wood stove,Customized color steel stove: gray, china blue, red etc.

? Our Advantages
? China Original Manufacturer
? Original Design
There is an experienced mechanical engineers who has nearly 30 years work experience.According to dirrerent needs of customes, we have designed hundreds of different types and
functions of stoves.
? OEM Service
Based on complete systems of production, quality control, technical research and customer services, we are able to provide very good OEM services, with advanced facilities, experienced staff members and competitively low costs. In addition to high quality products and competitive price we always provide, we can also develop your own design and make the models exclusively for you according to your request and concern.
? Stove Quality
With exquisite manufacturing technology and vogue designs,our stoves won the admiration of domestic
and overseas clients.And there are many old clients visit our factory every year.
? Our Certificate CE(EN13229,EN13240)
? Production Market
At present, we have many cooperators in European countries, and our stoves are in hot sales in France, the UK, Ireland, Finland, Iceland,Sweden and other countries.
We are looking forward to your consideration and cooperation for our bright future.
Welcome to visit our factory at your convenience.China log burner

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