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wholesale high power led light
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Posted: 12/11/2017 7:05:49 PM

200W high power led streetlight

1. CREE XT-E LED x96
2. 19000-20000 lm
3. CE.RoHS
4. Beam Spread: 140°/70°
5. Warranty: 2 years
6. IP66

Weight: 7.5KG
Size: L615xW280xH115mm
CCT: 2500-9000K all available
Light efficiency: 90-100LM/W
Power: 200w
Voltage: 85-265V
Mounting Hole: ø62mm
Mounting Height: 12-14m
Working Temperature: -30---55DEG
Origin: Shenzhen, China
Certificate: CE RoHS
Life: 50000H

1. Lamp body rotation for 90° , flood projecting and spot projecting performable
2. energy-saving and srtong brightness
3. Superbright cool light output (no UV or heat energy)
4. Long service lifetime to 50000 hours
5. Easy to install and operate
6. No UV or IR radiation.

1. Don''t use in the place corrosive, flammable or explosive
2. Not install in the place near heat.
3. When the lamp lights, don''t envisage it.
Olight Electronics, established in 2009, is one of the leading and experienced manufacturers and suppliers of 200w high power led streetlight roa dlight road lights road lamps in China. We also offer the customized service. Welcome to wholesale high quality products with our factory.wholesale high power led light

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