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Nike tying shoes first start from the NBA
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Posted: 11/5/2015 7:02:17 PM

According to a representative of Nike said, the first pair of shoelaces Nike Mag automatically in New York right now. Although Nike has not yet announced the price, but the original Nike Mag similar, will be in the form of an auction sale, the proceeds will be used for research in Parkinson's disease. Nike says this automatic lacing technique is still in the development stage, now in extensive tests, the future will bring the technology into other sports, also said that Nike will launch the automatic tie Series intelligent shoes!
Nike says it has mastered the technology of production since tying jordan shoes for kids, ready to supply to the NBA. Who, then, will be the first NBA players wearing tie shoes? tying shoes warfare research and development has been started. News that Nike beginning in 2017 with the NBA for its eight-year supply agreement, Nike announced that it would make better products and a great way to. Nike's plans for NBA players to create tying shoes. Nike, through sensors and computing power to control body temperature, so wear shoes at the foot feels the most comfortable. Tying shoes will monitor a person's temperature, perceived shoes should have a tight fit, and make the appropriate adjustments. At that time, NBA players don't have to waste time trying to tie my shoe, so have more time to study how to play to win. The shoe-tying, and automatically adjust the tension, making it the most suitable. By 2017, all NBA players have Nike since tying shoes, I don't know, these shoes will have any effect on NBA superstar. Maybe other brands also have to develop its own new high technology shoes, shoes of the research and development of new technologies battle heated up, each company will invest a lot of money on research and development.
Except the nike shoes for mens, the jordan shoes for kids also have many high technology on them.

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