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Information about medical marijuana.
ผู้โพสต์ หัวข้อ


Join Date: 7/28/2018
Posts: 41

Posted: 11/24/2018 4:07:54 AM

I''m a big fan of medical marijuana and I want to know as much as possible. Is there a good website online that is entirely dedicated to marijuana and CBD products? Thank you in advance.



Join Date: 8/15/2018
Posts: 97

Posted: 11/24/2018 6:51:27 AM

I''ve always been interested in learning more about medical marijuana, so I found an informative blog about all CBD products and marijuana strains. You can Read More Here and find out how the product is measured, as well as how many ounces to get in a pound. Believe me, it''s interesting.



Join Date: 4/15/2019
Posts: 3

Posted: 8/29/2019 1:30:50 AM

I have only tried this product one time since purchasing. I bought it for my Maltese mix who is very anxious when my other dog leaves the house for the day and when she rides in cars. The one time I have used it, she was very anxious at first but then settled down. I think perhaps I should have given it to her before the car ride. So far so good. My dog is tolerating the CBD well and his condition seems to be improving.



Join Date: 2/9/2020
Posts: 38

Posted: 3/4/2020 2:13:02 AM

If you are a big fan of medical marijuana then the best website for all the information is I have been using it for some time now and it has informed me so many things.

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