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Oil return treatment of vacuum pump
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Posted: 1/19/2020 1:18:58 AM

Oil return treatment of vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum equipment commonly used in modern times. Usually, when we use it, we often add oil and lubricate it. After a long time of use, some equipment will have reverse oil. How should we deal with it.

1. The molecular weight of vacuum pump oil is large.

2. In order to reduce the limit pressure of the equipment, it is required that the saturated steam pressure of vacuum unit oil at room temperature should be low.

3. In order to make the equipment work under high outlet pressure, the saturated vapor pressure of vacuum pump oil at boiling temperature should be as large as possible.

4. The thermal stability of vacuum pump oil will not change the performance of oil due to oxidation when contacting with atmosphere. Low freezing point and low temperature viscosity.

In general, when using vacuum pump, the influence of lubricating oil on the ultimate pressure is great. In the same structure diffusion vacuum unit, in the vacuum system, the partial pressure of the pumped gas will also change with different pump oil. In the later stage, we should pay more attention to these points when we carry out oil filling treatment.

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