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Limit pressure of water ring vacuum pump
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Posted: 1/19/2020 1:18:01 AM

Limit pressure of water ring vacuum pump

When using the water ring vacuum pump, we should know the limit pressure, so that it can be well used in the production line when using, and different models will bring different pressure.

1? Ultimate relative pressure

The relative pressure is how much lower the measured internal pressure is than the "atmospheric pressure". Because the air inside the container is pumped, the pressure inside is always lower than the pressure outside the container. Therefore, when expressed in terms of relative pressure or gauge pressure, the value must be preceded by a minus sign, indicating that the internal pressure of the container is lower than the external pressure.

2? Ultimate pressure

The pressure is how much higher the measured internal pressure is than the "theoretical vacuum". The object it compares is the theoretical vacuum pressure. Due to the limitation of technology, we can not pump the internal pressure to the value of 0 PA, so the vacuum value of water ring vacuum pump is higher than the theoretical vacuum value.

We need to pay attention to the ultimate pressure of water ring vacuum pump, and pay more attention to these points when using later.

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