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Assembly requirements of 2SK vacuum pump
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Posted: 1/19/2020 1:16:57 AM

Assembly requirements of 2SK vacuum pump

2SK vacuum pump is widely used in machinery, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, sugar industry and electronic industry. In order to ensure the use efficiency of the equipment, we need to understand the relevant knowledge about the equipment in advance. So when the equipment is installed, we need to understand the assembly instructions of the equipment first.

1. Clean the gasket left on the fitting surface and wipe it carefully before assembly.

2. Remove the old oil in the bearing and bearing frame of 2SK vacuum pump and replace with new oil.

3. The assembly sequence is the reverse of the disassembly sequence.

At the same time, the clearance between the impeller end face and the disc on the end cover shall be adjusted during the assembly, because the size of the clearance will directly affect the performance of 2SK vacuum pump, and the total clearance on both sides must be adjusted according to the specified clearance requirements, so as to better meet the use regulations of 2SK vacuum pump.

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