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Posted: 1/10/2020 1:12:48 AM

If the domain address can be compared with the mailing address of a person, then the IP address is his “phone number", which only gives a real opportunity to contact him online.

As for filling the concept of “domain”, it should be clearly understood that it is not identical to the concept of “segment of a domain address”. A domain must unambiguously indicate the location on the World Wide Web of a certain set of nodes about which they say that they belong to this domain (from this point of view, the domain address itself can be called the domain to which a single computer belongs).

Internet domains, like nesting dolls, are embedded in each other, and the smaller the domain, the more segments the name consists of. Actually, therefore, the names are called hierarchical. As a house in a mailing address is simultaneously located on a street, in a certain city and in a specific country, the same computer belongs to several domains at once.

An IP address also consists of segments forming a hierarchical system. However, unlike the domain address , the number of such segments in the IP address is always four, and the segments themselves are sets of numbers - numbers in the range from 0 to 255 (in decimal).

In addition, in IP addresses, the hierarchical ladder descends from left to right, and not from right to left, as in domain addresses. This means that two computers that are neighbors on the Internet will most likely differ in the last (left) segment of their IP addresses and the first (right) segment of domain addresses.

To determine the IP addresses of specific nodes by their domain addresses, there are correspondence tables on special nodes of the World Wide Web - DNS servers (DNS-servers). If the DNS server does not know the IP address of the host whose domain name is requested, it will contact the other DNS servers closest to it, and so on. When and if the IP address corresponding to the requested domain is found on one of the DNS servers, it will be sent to the computer from which the request was made.

Initially, a thematic addressing system was devised that was not tied to any country in which a top-level (first) level domain consisted of three letters and clearly and unambiguously indicated that the address holder belonged to one of the classes (generic domain): .com - commercial sites, .net - network resources, .org - non-profit organizations.

Currently, the number of top-level domains has increased tenfold, and a tight dependence has been preserved for a few classes, for example, .edu - educational institutions, and .mil - US military organizations. In the "traditional", "old" zones .com, .net, .org, you can register sites of absolutely any subject.

Along with this, domain names can be assigned using extensions of specific countries or regions. Each country has its own domain extension: for example, Japan uses the .jp extension, Russia uses .ru, Ukraine uses .ua, and the United States uses .us.

Regional first-level domains include, in particular, .eu (countries of the European Union) and .su (countries of the former USSR). Most countries have special rules that describe exactly who can register domain names using this extension and for what purpose, therefore it is important to study them in detail before registering the corresponding domain.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization responsible for administering top-level domains throughout the world, has approved a number of four- and even six-letter first-level domains that do not belong to any particular country.

Among them .info - primarily for information sites (in fact, as in other cases it is available for registration of any web resources), .aero - for the air industry, .coop - for cooperatives, .mobi - for mobile resources, .travel - for travel sites or .museum - for museum workers.

In the process of searching for a suitable domain name, one can find offers of such first-level domains as, for example, .xxx, .free, .mp3. It should be understood that such names are not approved by ICANN and the possibility of their availability to the user depends on the user having the appropriate software - users who do not have it will not be able to access websites with such domain names.



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Posted: 1/10/2020 1:15:08 AM

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Posted: 3/11/2020 2:35:10 AM
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