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e too many types of additives
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Posted: 9/28/2019 12:58:12 AM

People are iron, rice is steel, and they don??t eat hungry.?? Diet is the basic condition for people to survive. ??People eat food for the sky.?? However, ??food is safe and first??, and food safety is equally important. Over the years, various food safety issues have emerged, including ??Sudan Red??, ??Clenbuterol??, ??Beef Cream??, ??Red Heart Egg??, ??Melamine??, ??Burst Cucumber??, ??Manmade ''Fresh Red Dates??, and ?? The accident of washing powder taro has caused people to sound the alarm, and more and more people are pondering: What is safe to eat now? Even mineral water is afraid of chemicals in the water. Therefore, food safety has become an important issue in today''s society. "??????!" With the crisp school bell ringing, the students flocked to the goal, the target is the small shop opposite the school. Why are these small stores so attractive? I don''t know how to look at it. When I look at it, I enter the store Marlboro Cigarettes. I see a variety of colorful foods. Every day at noon and after school in the afternoon, I will attract many students to buy. Looking back at the shelves Cigarettes Online, what spicy bars, instant noodles, potato chips, dried meat, milk tea, soda, everything is available, the price is mostly between five cents to one yuan. Don''t look at these foods as "good quality and cheap", but take a closer look at the snack bags, except for the name and pattern, there is nothing. In fact, these are the so-called "three no" foods, the environment is very dirty, and it is very easy to get sick after eating. Here, I advise students to stop buying and eating these snacks! Let??s talk about our three meals a day. Many people think that if you don''t eat snacks and eat normally, your body will be healthy. There is nothing wrong with this point of view, but there is still some attention to buying healthy food. First of all Wholesale Cigarettes, pay attention to whether the food itself has problems. For example, it depends on whether the size is normal, whether the smell is weird, whether the color is too bright, and the green vegetables should see if there are any insects. Second, depending on the date of manufacture and the shelf life, expired foods cannot be eaten anyway. Others have seen discounted foods that are about to expire, and they think they are cheap when they buy them, saving money and eating safe food. As everyone knows, the food that is about to expire is basically the same as the food that has expired, and it is unsanitary. Finally, look at the type and amount of additives and whether or not there is a food hygiene permit. If you find that there are additives that are harmful to the human body, or if there are too many types of additives, it is better to buy less or not. Don''t buy foods without food quality and safety, which means that the food itself and the food production environment are not clean. Food safety is very important to each of us. May everyone have good food safety. Consciousness, I also hope that those black-hearted businesses can wash their hands in the golden basin and care about everyone''s health. Food safety, everyone is responsible!
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