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Getting Jimmy Garoppolo back is kind of a big deal
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Posted: 9/20/2019 12:25:26 AM

"There has been much optimism around the San Francisco 49ers lately—especially on Niners Nation , but it’s for a good reason. Using Warren Sharp’s football stats, the 49ers ranked 4th in the NFL in explosive run plays (runs of 10 or more yards) and 3rd in the NFL in explosive pass plays (pass plays of 15 or more yards) in 2018. That’s the genius of Head Coach Kyle Shanahan. He can scheme you, and I open if he had to. You can’t ignore the value that the players bring, either. Mark Saltveit of NN gives credit to Kyle Juszczyk. The 49ers added a handful of weapons. I still think there will be a slight regression in explosive plays next year. The offense will be better overall, and that’s what matters.Where the offense must improveWe’ve talked about the issues on third down and in the red zone. Those will improve with Jimmy Garoppolo under center. The 49ers must protect the ball in 2019. Last year the offense couldn’t get out of their own way. The Niners were 31st in turnovers per drive in 2018. You’d think their fumble luck won’t be as bad this upcoming season. The offense was seemed to give away the ball at the most inopportune times a season ago.While some may be concerned with Garoppolo throwing eight interceptions in eight starts, this is where PFF offers value.The process is right. When that’s the case, the numbers tend to even themselves out when there’s a bigger sample size. You can move the ball up and down the field as much as you want. If you can’t take care of the ball, it doesn’t matter. This is why the 49ers were only 20th in the league in points per drive. They couldn’t take care of the ball. Added weapons, health at QB, and one of the best play-callers in the NFL should fix a lot of that.Help from the special teamsNot trying to put it all on the special teams, some of this may be attributed to the other two phases, but the 49ers were dead last in starting field position last year. Starting at the 25-yard line, compared to the New Orleans Saints, who started at the 31-yard line. Again Joe Staley Jersey White , that’s an average. The Texans, the Rams, Vikings, and Chiefs round out the top five. Field position matters.I wonder if the second-round pick Deebo Samuel will get a crack at returning kicks. There’s an argument about not wanting certain skill players returning punts and kicks. I’m in the camp that you want to get your best player the ball as many times as you can. If that is indeed Samuel, I’d have no issue returning kicks. In a sport as physical and violent as football, injuries are inevitable. The goal isn’t to improve your starting field position; it’s to maximize it. If Samuel gives you the best chance, let him return kicks. That’ll work itself out during training camp.QB driven leagueThis graphic was shared with me by Steve Palazzolo of PFF.Again, the sample size isn’t what you’d like it to be, but when Garoppolo has been on the field, he’s performed. Not enough is made about a quarterback being able to play from a clean pocket. That’s what they’ll be playing from about 65% of the time. If Garoppolo can take care of the ball, and continue to play as he has been, the 49ers have a chance to do some damage on offense in 2019. The NFL season is winding down which means some players have contracts ending. Some players will get franchised or extended but others will be hitting the open market. We’ll take a look at each position and see if any hopeful players would be a good fit for the San Francisco 49ers. I almost wanted to not even bother with the quarterback free agents. The 49ers are set at the position. Jimmy Garoppolo is the starter once he returns from a knee injury and the winner of the Nick Mullens/C.J. Beathard backup competition will be right behind him. If the 49ers were to take a third quarterback, it wouldn’t be a free agent, rather I’d see them getting someone off the practice squad. If the 49ers go to free agency Deion Sanders Jersey , they may be stuck playing roster musical chairs with the acquisition like they did with Tom Savage. They could go back to Jack Heneghan, who they brought to training camp and cut as they made their way to the 53-man roster, or they could go with a new UDFA entirely. The crop of free agent quarterbacks is (obviously) small. Teddy Bridgewater is available, but either the New Orleans Saints are going to lock him up as the quarterback of the future, or he’ll go somewhere he can start. Matt Schaub could be a great backup to the 49ers; he played under Shanahan while both were with the Houston Texans and also was Matt Ryan’s backup during Shanahan’s time with the Atlanta Falcons. He knows the playbook well and could be useful. The thing to keep in mind on that is Schaub turns 38 in June, and there’s a reason he’s a backup—he got benched in Houston after his play suffered. How bad was it? He got in the record books with most consecutive games with a pick-six. Ryan Fitzpatrick is available as well. It is doubtful he returns to Tampa Bay after all that merry-go-round he shared with Jameis Winston. Whether he starts or not, he may want to get a change of scenary. Fitzpatrick had some great games. He also had some incredibly awful ones in 2018. And then on the other end of the spectrum is Brock Osweiler. If you really, really, REALLY want him as a 49er, you can petition the team to go sign him. Here’s your free agent quarterbacks per Over the Cap. Things could change with franchise tags and deals, but all of the below have contracts expiring.Would you be interested in any of these quarterbacks, any of them, coming to Santa Clara? Quarterbacks hitting free agency in 2019NameTeamAgeNameTeamAge

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