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yueke >> yueke's Blogs >> Nine favorable policies to encourage foreign investment in western regions

Posted by yueke at 4/10/2016 8:28:24 PM         

    With China''s upcoming accession to the WTO, the Chinese government will adopt positive measures in the following nine aspects to attract more foreign investment to the western regions.

    1.Amending in time the “Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment in Central and Western Regions”to effectively bring int play the resources and economic advantages of the west,and give priority to the development of exclusive and specialized industries.
    2.Improving the “Provisional Regulations on Investment by Foreign-founded Enterprises in China” to create conditions for the reinvestment in the west by foreign invested enterprises along the coast and realize the gradual transfer of industries.
    3.Further expanding areas for foreign investment in the west and encouraging foreign investment in agriculture,forestry,water conservancy,communications,energy,municipal utility,environmental protection tourism and other basic fields as well as infrastructure construction and mineral,tourist and the like resource development.
    4.Studying and working out incentives for foreign investment in the country’s key projects such as electricity and gas transmission from west to the east,water diversion from the south to the north and the Qinghai-Tibet railway.
    5.Studying and formulating policy measures governing the merger and acquisition of state-owned enterprises by foreign investors,investment in the form of BOT and TOT,and overseas public offering of foreign funded enterprises in China.
    6.Encouraging foreign invested enterprises to introduce and develop advanced technology and conduct technological innovation.
    Positive guidance will be offered to foreign businesses especially transnational corporations to invest in high-tech industries, capital-and technology-intensive projects, set up R&D institutions and build more projects with state-of-the-art technology.
    7.Expanding the trial opening up of banking,insurance,retail,foreign trade,telecommunications tourist agency, construction and its related services, Sino-foreign joint venture accounting firms and law firms in qualified central cities in the central and western regions. Conditions for the establishment of foreign invested enterprises in those fields will be properly relaxed.
    8.Encouraging small-and medium-sized enterprises to take an active part in international cooperation and attract foreign investment in electromechanical products, spare parts industry, raw materials and other supporting and export-oriented foreign exchange generating projects.
    9.Sticking into development guidelines focusing on industrial projects, foreign investment absorption an export, with a special emphasis on high-tech development.
    This includes running economic and technological development zones at the national level successfully, giving full play to their roles as demonstration projects.
    The Chinese government will make elaborate efforts to improve the investment climate to make the environment more attractive to foreign investors.
    At president the focus is on perfecting the soft environment for investments.

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