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yueke >> yueke's Blogs >> Labor Employment Policy in Beijing

Posted by yueke at 4/10/2016 8:28:09 PM         


    Foreign-invested enterprises (hereinafter referred to as “employers”) that recruit Chinese laborers shall go to local district or county level employment agencies to go through recruitment filing procedures. As for the employment of rural workers, employers shall take related certificates and materials to local labor and social security authorities for going through filing formalities. As for the employment of foreigners as well as laborers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, employers shall apply to Beijing’s Labor and Social security Bureau for permission; employment can be only done after approval. Relevant materials needed for application can be downloaded from the website of Beijing’s Labor and social security Bureau.

    2.Signing of contract

    Employers and workers shall sign a labor contract to establish a labor relationship. Employers shall sign a contract with laborer suppliers. Currently, Beijing has approved 517 labor-dispatching agencies.

    3.Modification of the labor contract

    After negotiations, the signers of the labor contract may modify it.

    4.Contract termination

    When the labor contract expires or the conditions upon which the two parties agree to terminate the contract are met, the labor contract will be terminated. The labor contract can also be renewed with the consensus of both parties. During the contract period, the contract can be terminated after the negotiations of both parties; in case of statutory conditions for the lifting of the labor contract, the parties have the right to terminate the contract.

    5.Economic compensation

    Employers who terminate the labor contract not due to negligence of workers shall pay economic compensations according to relevant provisions of the state and Beijing Municipal Government. Any party violating the Labor Law and the labor contract and causing economic losses to the other party shall be liable to make compensations.

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