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yueke >> yueke's Blogs >> Chinese Business Etiquette--Behaviors and Etiquette

Posted by yueke at 4/10/2016 8:25:51 PM         

    ?. Be polite. To shape a good social image, you must pay attention to courtesy, you should focus on your behaviors.
    The manners of etiquette is the performance from one’s heart and a person''s external behavior can be directly showed his attitude.So you should comply with etiquette refined and courteous, liberal and dignified, and avoid all sorts of rude and uncivilized habits.

    ?. Ring the bell. When you visit a client''s office or home, first you should ring the door bell or gently knock on the door, and then stand in front of the door waiting host. The time of ringing or knocking should not be too long. Without the owner''s permission, do not enter the house.

    ?. Behaviors in front of the client
    1. When you see a client, you should nod and smile to salute. If it doesn’t make an appointment, you should apologize to the client firstly, and then explain the purpose of visiting. At the same time you should take the initiative expressing your greeting or nodding to the people present.
    2. At the client''s home, you shouldn’t visit bedroom without permission, even you are familiar with him or her, also do not touch or toy with anything on the table, the things such as client''s business card, books, flowers and other furnishings items.
    3. Before the others (the host) is not seated, do not sit down, sitting upright with body slightly leaning forward and don''t cross your legs.
    4. With a positive attitude and a moderate tone to face the client. When you talk to the client, you should listen carefully, and answer with a "yes" as the first. Look him or her straight in the eyes and pay attention to expression.
    5. When you standing, upper body should be stable, place your hands on both sides, do not back a despicable, and don''t hold hands in front of the chest, your body shouldn’t slanted on the side. When the host want to rise or left, you should also stand up to sketch. When you first meet with the client or he want to leave, you should be polite, unhurried and modest.
    6. To develop good habits, you should overcome all kinds of indecent manner. Don’t blowing your nose, cleaning your ears, ticking your teeth, Manicuring, yawning, coughing and sneezing in front of the client.

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