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yueke >> yueke's Blogs >> Chinese Table Manners

Posted by yueke at 4/10/2016 8:25:13 PM         

    The diet culture, tableware, dining and a series of table manners, reflects the social life styles of different ethnic and cultural orientation. Modern social etiquette exist everywhere, eating is not only meet the basic physiological needs, but also a very important social experience. And requirements in table manners in China and western also have many differences, learning it to prevent be rude to people.

    ?. Seating
    The most attention thing table manners in China is seating , generally speaking, the seating is "Left is the best and respect the East", "A man facing the door be venerable".
    If it is the round table, then one opposite front door is the guest of honour. If it is the Square table, and there is a seat facing the door, the right direction that opposite door is for the guest of honour. If not on the front door, then right of the facing the east side seat for the chief.

    ?. Order
    If you are at the party, you should not order too active, and allow host to order. If it difficult to refuse great kindness, you can order a not too expensive, but not people taboos. Remember to consult the views of the people on the table, in particular, to ask if there is something that someone doesn’t like, or more like what like to eat, so that can make people feel be taken care of. After ordering, asking "I ordered, do not know whether to close several taste", "you want to have something else." etc..

    ?. Dining
    If you are having a meal, you must be gentle and elegant, quiet, do not be impatient. When eating, according to the traditional, you should ask the guests to eat first, the elderly move chopsticks first, the clipping should be a small amount of food, eating little if the food is far away on the table. By tradition and culture, the guests when attend the formal or traditional dinner, it would be better not to eat all dishes, so as not to make the host family mistakenly think that lack of food preparation, and thus feel embarrassed.

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