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yueke >> yueke's Blogs >> 2016 SEM Key Words Optimization Strategy

Posted by yueke at 4/10/2016 8:24:55 PM         

    Key words optimization
    For the late optimization of the key words, their are four advice as follows:

    ?. Find out the bad key words and adjust them.
    Bad key words have the following characteristics:
    1. The key words have not been shown or have a little shown (not including no shown for lack of an underbidding)
    Core Strategy : show a lot.
    Expanding matching mode: including broad match, phrase matching and exact matching, and different pattern matching will bring different effect. Broad match show was far greater than the phrase matching, phrase matching greater than exact matching. After the expansion of the matching model, observe whether there is a show enhancement.
    2. There are plenty of consumption but no conversion; the price of click is high but no conversion
    Core strategy: extension word deletion
    Concern in monitoring: if the account has installed the monitoring software, screening surface will be more widely, as one can be seen from the detection system, their are some high consumption but no conversion words, or words which have high click price but there is no word conversion. For these words, it is best to them in a new promotion unit and optimize them unified. Then chose a right price of them and continue to observe performance of keyword.
    Expanding the long-tail words of keywords: long-tail words are more accurate, the effect of precise long-tail word sometimes is well, but the search volume may will be relatively small. At the beginning of the account, you need screen them to use.

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