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yueke >> yueke's Blogs >> Four Detailed Strategies Integration of SEO and SEM

Posted by yueke at 4/10/2016 8:24:37 PM         

    ?. SEO to be a disguised form of SEM advertising strategy
    We know that the price of SEM Search promotion is higher than the WebUnion, we can optimize some websites that with advertising alliance on the Baidu home page. When users click in, except looking you released advertising, they also see the pictures.
    We know that the impact of image advertising is greater than the text, and it will further enhance the possibility of the user clicking to your site. Of course, it requires you have a certain level on the Baidu web promotion optimization.

    ?. Keywords trial-and-error strategy
    Because SEO optimization for a long time, so we should optimize the keywords which have higher consultation rates, and keywords trial-and-error is to help SEO find keywords that consultation rates are higher.
    So we can find out the highest consulting rate keywords, then submit the keywords to SEOer for targeted optimization, finally we can make the SEO more effective.

    ?. PA screen strategy of search results
    PA screen strategy of search results means using SEM and SEO to rank, as SEM you can create more accounts to put in some keywords.
    And SEO can optimize the same keyword in multiple domain sites or the higher the weight of the third party platform.

    ?. Brand traffic secondary use strategy
    Brand traffic secondary use strategy mainly has two aspects: on the one hand face to enterprises which do the brand promotion. There can be a lot of links below the keywords, you can link to different sites to increase the SEO effect of different sites, as long as your site UV, jump out rate, page stay time are well, the SEO still have certain help. On the other hand, in the third-party platform to do the brand promotion, it is better to do in the platforms which have links and it will help introducing the site to increase the effect of SEO.

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