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yueke >> yueke's Blogs >> Why PPC Is the Best Mode of Mobile Advertising?

Posted by yueke at 4/10/2016 8:23:58 PM         

    Because the smart phone is slowly replacing the function of traditional PC, many sophisticated marketing techniques are being transplanted to these micro devices, and mobile search is the project that the latest application developers and Web designers consistently recommend.
    And it is expected to be more than desktop search in 2015, according to Software Marin 2012.3 reports the U.S. mobile search report.

    50% of Americans have smart phones, most of them use the phone application beside calling and sending messages.So the marketing staff quickly shifted their eyes from the desktop marketing to the mobile marketing, especially mobile PPC (click on the charge mode).

    Although it is a new technology, the price of mobile PPC has been underestimated. Intelligent mobile phone PPC advertising has the highest hit rate (4.12%) but the lowest price ($0.53) compared to the desktop PPC. The conversion rate is soaring with the premise of the under actual value for selling, which has attracted a rising number investors to invest more in this area.

    Mobile payments advertising spending doubled Only in 2011, with the entire “Click to Pay” industry, the spending from 3.4% jumped to 8.7%. And according to the report of mobile search, mobile advertising will occupy 25% of the revenues of Google, increased significantly 5% compared in 2011. Under this trend, a Cowen analyst said that Google will bring 5 billion and 800 million dollars on mobile advertising revenue in 2012, which is an increase of $300 million over last year.

    The rapid popularity of smart phones is seen as the main driving force behind the mobile PPC growth, and research shows that users are more likely to pay attention to advertising on mobile phones compared with the desktop system.
    The consistent growth of visibility means higher click possibility. After the user points into an ad, average 53% of them visit to the landing page, 24% purchasing something.
    In short, the mobile payment means a significant value of purchasing, and rapid growth do not raise its price. Price correction is still on the way because many companies are in phase of debugging mobile PPC. And at the moment, it may be the best time to invest in mobile marketing!

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