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yueke >> yueke's Blogs >> 2016 Chinese Social Media Marketing Guide with 7 Cases (II)

Posted by yueke at 4/10/2016 8:22:25 PM         

    Over the past year, people''s consumption patterns have undergone tremendous changes both in scale and form. At the same time, consumer preferences of content and media are rapidly changing. The relationship between the brands and the consumer become complicated. The outbreak of IP content, the new video marketing, and VR/AR innovation bonus of technology imagination , also bring advertisers and marketers hitherto unknown opportunities.

    In this march, ComScore, CTR, HDMR and National Image Research Center of Tsinghua University jointly issued the Report of 2016 Digital Marketing Action in China. The report presents the overall development trend of digital marketing, and do the analysis from the five major aspects of digital marketing environment, consumer insight, marketing problems and opportunities, a guide to action, gold case. It also predict 2016 annual digital marketing industry trends and marketing strategies. The following is the selection of the report’s fourth part- summary of action.

    4. Spreading the content that closed to ordinary people

    In recent years, the majestic Imperial Palace began to appear with a lovely way in public view. The Imperial Palace becomes a winner in the humanities, public welfare, economic benefits, brand image and other aspects.

    * Tips

    Letting brand aesthetic taste close to civilian population, to pass the popular appeal in the common people''s attitude .
    To moving ordinary people with the ordinary story.
    Communicating in a common way, such as the style of language and the usage of words.

    5. Scene marketing
    Spring Festival red envelope is undoubtedly one of the most successful scenes in the past two years.

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