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yueke >> yueke's Blogs >> 2015 Baidu SEM Operating Methods

Posted by yueke at 4/10/2016 8:21:37 PM         

    Advantages of Baidu SEM

    1. The search engines are the very effective closing channels. To put on with other channels together, the effect will be excellent.
    2. The quality of the user is guaranteed, because search engines can lock the precise target user group according to the user''s search intention.
    3. The large platform, the real and controllable effect. Baidu is the Chinese Internet giant show the reliable flow.
    4. The key words charge is according to click, not according to the number of key words in your account, and the display is also free of charge.

    Deduction rules of Baidu SEM

    Baidu is a pay per click media, in order to get flow with higher value, we will achieve our rankings by adjust the keyword bid, the specific deduction formula is as follows:
    Actual deduction = the next bid×next quality score÷ your quality score +¥ 0.01
    The final actual deduction is actually determined by the price and quality of the bid. The bid is the highest price we click. The quality score is evaluation of each advertisement that based on the statistics of the specific data. The quality score is helpful to the user experience of advertising.

    Optimization rules of SEM

    If you want to do a good job in SEM on millions of keywords, you must use the data analysis methods to manage and adjust the account. Here are some common analysis methods:

    1. Trend analysis

    a. To arrange three basic data: consumption, conversion and conversion cost according to the 2 sort: promotion time & cycle
    b. To correspondence view the trend of accounts consumption and CPA
    c. To find the peaks and valleys of the time line, and analyze their causes

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