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Posted by yueke at 5/20/2015 6:02:41 AM         

    1. Hook set: extract device. Note: The hook surface must cracks; whether hook mouth part is wearing and pulley rim is broken.

    2. Pulley blocks: including movable pulley block and fixed pulley block. Note: whether the surface with cracks; whether work pulley with flexible rotating, the pulley rim is broken or not.

    3. Wire rope: connect the hook head and the lifting mechanism. Note: whether with broken wire, broken stocks, knotted, rust, pitting. Daub grease On the crane hoisting mechanism for lubrication.

    4. Reel group: component in the lifting mechanism for winding the wire rope. Note: The gear coupling disc reel group is enclosed drive.

    5. Reducer: it is to reduce the high speed of the motor to the need of each agency work speed. Commonly use horizontal reducer, vertical reducer. Note: Check the oil level; reducer smooth operation, there should be no beating, shock and severe or intermittent noise, sound evenly; and at the joint of the fastening must not loose.

    6. Coupling: to join two revolving shafts with coaxial line layout or substantially parallel, torque transmission compensating for a little angular and radial offset at the same time. Note: lubrication, teeth wear.

    7. Brakes: generally installed in high speed shaft of the mechanism to reduce the braking torque. Note: lubricating the axle pin (connecting shaft bolt) rotating parts; observe whether the brake pads with burning or with anxious burnt flavor; whether the brake drum friction surface with oil.

    8. Wheel group: according to wheel rim: double wheel rim wheel, single wheel rim wheel. Note: wheel rim wear. When the wheel rim is less than 10 mm should be closely observed and timely replacement.

    9. Buffer: used to absorb the energy generated by the collision of the EOT crane (or trolley) with block (or bump head) or collision of the adjacent EOT cranes on the same span. Include: rubber buffer and spring buffer. Note: To check whether it is in good condition.

    10. Resistors: electric appliance used to limit the motor current. It is with smooth start to reduce the impact.

    11. Conductive device: power conduction device and trolley conduction device. Safety conductor line, current collector, cable pulley.

    12. Travel switch: can be divided into terminal switch (limit switch) and safety switch (protective switch). Terminal switch used to limit the operating range of the mechanisms, installed at the end of the stroke, commonly use models: LX10-11, LX7-1; safety switch is used to protect the personal safety, commonly use model: LX19A-111.
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