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Posted by yueke at 5/20/2015 5:55:50 AM         

    Important part maintenance checklist of EOT crane
    Check the brakes pad liner wear exceeds 2mm or not before operation, the contact area between the pad and the brake wheel is not less than 70%.
    Check wire rope wear, whether it is broken or others, check wire rope lubrication.
    Check whether hook with cracks, hook dangerous section (components, parts in compression, pull, shear, bending, torsion and other loads substandard, due to the stress of a cross-section exceeds the ultimate strength of the components, parts and fracture lose the ability to carry load, this section is dangerous section) wear exceeds 5% of the original thickness; whether hook nut locking device is complete, the various parts on the hook set is complete and reliable or not; hook should be with flexible rotation, no jamming.
    Check the wear of the balance pulley wire rope; lubricate pulley and pulley shaft.
    Check pulley situation to see whether it is flexible, with damage, cracks or not, special attention to the wear of pulley shaft.
    Check the brake wheel, the working surface irregularities cannot exceed 1.5mm, brake wheel should not have cracks, and the radial circle run out should be less than 0.3mm.
    Finally is the coupling, which upper key and keyway should not be damaged and loose; the drive shaft axial string momentum between two couplings must be between 2-7mm.

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