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yueke >> yueke's Blogs >> How do you choose the right diamond saw blade?

Posted by yueke at 2/13/2014 6:26:05 AM         

    How do you choose the perfect diamond saw blade?

    Generally speaking, cutting hard or abrasive subjects such as granite, marble, brick, concrete, asphalt, steel and other similar subjects, diamond saw blade have carved a nice in the global industry for the outstanding performance in cutting. Choosing the right diamond saw blade for cutting is necessary condition to perform a cutting task well.

    Before buying diamond saw blades, you should consider the following items,

    1. What material you are cutting?

    The match of the diamond saw blade's features as closely as possible to the material you are going to cut, for example, cutting stone, granite, marble, concrete, asphalt, and so on.
    Correctly identifying the material you are going to cut is the most important factor in choosing a blade.

    2. Choose wet or dry cutting?

    When using power tools such as power hand saw, it is not safe to use water because of the electrical power source. However, diamond saw blades for concrete are usually for wet cutting because the concrete to be cut is very hard or abrasive.

    If the saw blades are used without adequate water, the diamond segments themselves may break or the steel core below the segments may wear and break, and then the segment may fly out and may hurt the operator or people nearby. If you have to perform dry cutting for some reason, you should choose sharper diamond saw blades, and the dry cutting should be intermittent and shallow to keep the diamond blade cool.

    3. What is the height of diamond segment?

    Total segment heights may be misleading because of non- diamond bearing segment bases necessary for the laser welding or brazing process. Many other factors affect a blade’s performance and consequent value. Consider the diamond size, concentration and quality, the hardness of the bond, the cutting power (torque) of the saw, and how well the blade specification is matched to the material being cut.

    4. How to choose optimum performance tools?

    Is it the initial cost of the blade or the total saving cost? For larger projects or regular use, a higher priced blade will actually be less expensive to use because it will deliver the lowest cost per cut. For a small cutting job, you can buy the economy saw blade or cheap saw blade.

    How do you choose the right diamond saw blade?

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